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  • No Commissions or Extra Costs

    No Commissions or Extra Costs

    On WishWork, neither the freelancers nor the clients should pay commissions on the projects.

  • Guaranteed by Relational Contract

    Guaranteed by Relational Contract

    Using WishWork’s relational contract will assure you of getting the deliveries and payments on time.

  • Feel Free to Call Each Other

    Feel Free to Call Each Other

    Keep in touch with your work partner as the project goes along

  • Support During the Project

    Support During the Project

    From the moment of submitting the job until the end of the contract, WishWork’s support will be in your order

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Outsource Project in WishWork

How it Works?

  • Your requirements

    Your requirements

    Suppose you're looking for an experienced designer for designing UX or writer for producing content for your business

  • Submit Project

    Submit Project

    Post your project with thorough description, and determine budget and timing constraints in WishWork

  • Receive Offers

    Receive Offers

    freelancers follow your project and send you offers so that you can select the best

  • Safe Payments

    Safe Payments

    Pay and block each phase of project's wage in website and pay it to freelancer after delivering each phase of the project

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WishWork's Story

The story of Wish Work is not a very special one. Like most stories, maybe even more ordinary. And maybe even more trivial for anyone to remember. But it does mean to us. Working together day and night for a dream and a wish. But what is that aspiration? Certainly, every hope and aspiration have a better tomorrow.

But hopes and aspirations differ in one thing. Maybe it's us. Perhaps in Rumi's saying, "You come from the philosophy of reason", it is we who are the cause of hope, the cause of existence, the cause of even a smile, the cause of sadness, and not vice versa. We have embarked on a path we hardly know, maybe we have nothing but hope and hope in our backpack. Maybe we are crude, maybe unaware, maybe gullible, but for us, the hope of change is not only enough but also great. Change for better days, for happier days, days with brighter sun. Change for ourselves. No best is the best from the beginning and will not be the best till last. But perhaps the hopes and aspirations remained the best and became part of history. When everything is taken away from us, even hopelessness, "Long live Hope."