For Clients

  • What is outsourcing? Does outsourcing has any usage for my business?

  • What will be happened if I do not have satisfaction with the delivered project?

  • What is the tender duration?

  • How is the guaranteed project different from normal project?

  • What is the difference between basic and premium job posting?

  • What does it mean that wish work has no commission?

  • How can one find a freelancer’s resume?

  • What does milestones which are presented by freelancer mean?

  • What is secure payment? What is its advantage for me?

For Freelancers

  • What is the definition of the freelancing and who is a freelancer?

  • How can carry out a project on Wish Work platform?

  • How will the possibility of acceptance by clients increase?

  • What does it mean that wish work has no commission? Does “bypassing platform” have any meaning in such a case?

  • What is the guaranteed project? Do I pay for the project?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of milestones?

  • Why do we transfer our files within Wish Work platform?

  • What will happened if clients does not pay my wage for the specific project?

  • How can send more proposals?

  • What should we do after choosing by client?

  • How is a project cancelled?

  • Can one send a bid which has a budget that does not fit to project’s budget?

  • What does relational contract exactly means?