Outsource your software
solutions to us,
we are your software partner
with a pre-vetted top notch
freelancer solution

Shape & Scale your Product

We shape your thoughts & ideas


Scope defining &

We help you discover your software solution
concerning your problem. We shape your thoughts
and help you define compelling well-scoped product.


Freelancers &
Product Manager Assigning

We assign pre-vetted top-notch freelancers
and software engineers tailored to implement
your software solution.


Delivering the Product &
Maintaining it forever

We document and test all of the processes of
product development. We maintain all of your
existing features till the end of the universe.

A Community of
Passionate & Skillful Product Managers

We are professional product managers who have been involved in major software projects
and products with major complexity and design requirements. We provide software solutions for local and international businesses.
Our mission is to help businesses that need technology partners for software innovation and to give market-leading solutions.


Why Freelancer Solution?

Working with so many people, that where the complexity emerges. In an orchestra everybody must do his job accurately, discordance becomes
bold, even if it is just one musical note. We use pre-vetted freelancers to mitigate the risk of discordance. If the play wrong the product manager is
always there to make sure that the final music is harmonies and ear-catching.

We pley the orchestera for you.


With regard to pre-vetted freelancers and professional product managers, we understand your needs completely and help you
implement the best innovative software solution for your company and besides, save your time and money. Also you do not
have any problem in scaling as we are your companion alongside of your growth.
We would be happy if our clients think that you find the solution and could easily hire their team and manage them directly,
As we say, our mission is your growth. For some of our clients we established a dedicated team after releasing some version of
their software, so we will be glad about it.
Our vetting process of three steps; Collect and Filtering, Minor Phase and Major Phase.
In each step we filter software engineers based on their skills and classified them. If you need more information about how is
the vetting process, tap here.