Wish Work, a technology solutions provider located in British Columbia, Canada, understands the importance of reliable service for its clients. This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) outlines the services Wish Work offers, performance expectations, and remedies for any service disruptions.

1. Services:

Wish Work provides the following services (specify the specific services offered, e.g., technology consulting, website development, software development, etc.).

2. Performance Standards:

Availability: Wish Work strives to maintain website availability of at least 99% uptime on a monthly basis. Scheduled maintenance windows will be communicated in advance. Response Time: Wish Work will respond to client inquiries within 48 business hours during regular business days ([specify business hours]). Resolution Time: Wish Work aims to resolve critical issues within 48 business hours and non-critical issues within 10 business days. 3. Service Level Credits (SLCs):

In the event Wish Work fails to meet the performance standards outlined above, clients may be eligible for Service Level Credits (SLCs).

3. Availability:

For each 99% decrease in monthly uptime below [target percentage] uptime, the client will receive a credit of 5% of the monthly service fee for that month. Response Time: If Wish Work fails to respond to a client inquiry within the specified timeframe for critical issues, a credit of 5% of the monthly service fee will be applied on a per-incident basis.

4. Exclusions:

SLCs will not be granted for service disruptions caused by:

Force majeure events (e.g., natural disasters, power outages, internet outages) Client-provided inaccurate information or delays Issues arising from third-party software or services not directly controlled by Wish Work

5. Communication:

Wish Work will promptly notify clients of any service disruptions and keep them updated on the resolution process. Clients are encouraged to report any service issues through the designated communication channels (e.g., email, ticketing system).

6. Reporting:

Wish Work will provide clients with monthly reports on service performance metrics (uptime, response times, resolution times).

7. Service Reviews:

Wish Work and the client will conduct periodic reviews (e.g., quarterly) to discuss service performance, address any concerns, and potentially adjust the SLA as needed.

8. Termination:

This SLA may be terminated by either party upon written notice (specify notice period).

9. Governing Law:

This SLA will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

10. Entire Agreement:

This SLA constitutes the entire agreement between Wish Work and the client regarding service levels and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications, representations, or agreements.